Keeping Guns Out Of Unsafe Hands

2024 Top VA Legislative Priorities

Safer Country supports the reintroduction of the 2023 Senate Bill 909 and the House Bill 1729, which were introduced by Sen. Barbara Favola and Del. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker.  The enactment of these bills into law would ensure the safe and lawful firearms transfer for those subject to protective orders and those convicted of domestic violence.

Safer Country is working to change the state firearms brandishing law to add a critical penalty if convicted of the misdemeanor charge – the removal of the right to carry a firearm for a minimum of ten years.

This Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit from December 9, 2023 is an example of illegally brandishing a firearm.  This is a dangerously funny skit.  What’s not humorous is that in a nation with more and more people using guns to express their anger towards others this skit won’t do anything to reduce that problem.  Airing this was extremely poor judgment.

Read Safer Country Executive Director Paul Friedman’s 10/10/23 Op/Ed on Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s refusal to take federal funds to prevent mass shootings and suicides, including military suicides.

It was published in the Richmond Times Dispatch and republished in The Daily Progress in Charlottesville.

Learn about the Gun Violence & ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) Study.

This study was commissioned by The Joyce Foundation.